Message from the President

Let’s Continue to Boldly Serve the Families of Central Florida and Each Other

Our Central Florida Family Law Inn was formed by a group of dedicated and respected family law attorneys and judges in 2005, with the goal of raising the bar for professionalism and expertise among members of the Central Florida Family Law Bar.  As with most genuinely innovative movements, the plan was simple—set a time and place for leaders in the Family Law bar and bench to come together on a regular basis for a meal where they can learn from each other, forge friendships, and set the tone for the professional expectations in our bench and bar. Since those early days, our Inn has grown quickly as one of the most preeminent professional organizations for family law practioners in Central Florida.

Each month our members gather together to share experiences, discuss ways to improve professionalism and comradery in the profession, debate and discuss legal issues and trends, and learn how to incorporate the latest technologies and best practices to better serve our clients. Outside of monthly meetings, our members are actively engaged in mentoring and learning through their pupilage groups and mentoring programs.

To achieve our mission and continue our efforts to serve the families of Central Florida, this year our Inn is committed to providing dynamic and thought-provoking programs at each meeting. Each program should provide members with the latest in case law updates, tips for best practices, and common pitfalls in the courtroom or mediation table. To keep the topics lively this year we have embraced a rather spirited series of presentations on Dante’s Seven Deadly Sins. Each month we will discuss and learn about how the most basics of human frailties, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, impact our clients, their cases, and the families we serve.

In addition to dynamic monthly learning and networking opportunities, our Inn is committed to serving our community and is actively engaged in community and pro bono service throughout the Central Florida area. Lawyers in the Inn continue to grow our new initiative launched last year to provide pro bono assistance to adjudicated victims of domestic violence at trial. Moreover, each pupilage group commits to a group service project at local nonprofit organizations to continue to grow connections between members while we serve our community.

None of this could be possible without our dedicated members and the unsung efforts of our hardworking board members and committee chairs. It is our hope with our combined efforts, we will continue to uphold the foundations of our Inn and that this will be another engaging, entertaining and impactful year for each of our members. To continue to advance the cause of our great mission, we need your help. If you have ideas on how to improve our Inn, please share them with me, our administrator, Susan Staggs, or our board members. If you would like to be a part of our Inn, please be sure to apply during our annual membership drive in June.

This is our Inn. This is our place to serve as leaders in our legal community and establish the standards for excellence and professionalism to better serve our clients and all of the families in Central Florida. While the focus of our Inn has always been our members, we are called to ensure that the greatest beneficiaries of our efforts are our clients and the parties that come before us--the families of Central Florida.

Hon. Heather Pinder Rodriguez